Friday, January 18, 2013

We have (some) paint


I took two dozen pictures and none of them showed the color very accurately, but this one's as good as any, I suppose.

(That's B's back there, he's giving Baby Girl a bath.) I'm OK with the color, I guess. I'm not buying another gallon of paint. It looked slightly more blue-tinted on the swatch and in the can, but whatever. Once the sink, mirror and (eventually) cabinets are in you won't see that much of it anyway.

Tomorrow it will get another coat and I will finally grit my teeth, face my fear and install the tile that go under the sink. I suppose even if they come loose the weight of the sink will be holding them in place. I have to exchange my grout for sanded, but we're hoping to get the sink in Sunday. Things will hopefully move pretty fast after that. I'm going to build the cabinets that will go on either side of the sink, and I'm not even going to attempt them before Baby Girl's party, but I would like to have the trim done before then. So paint, sink, tile, trim. It's a doable list, especially if the floor cooperates. Third time's a charm, right?

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