Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A case of the Mondays

We've all had those days where we just felt off; yesterday was one of those days for me. Yaya joined a Lego robotics club that meets every Monday before school. B took him to school, then was back in enough time that he also was able to take Mr. Man to school. That meant that Baby Girl and I didn't have to get up, which was good because she'd been up at least half a dozen times between 1 AM when she finally fell asleep soundly enough that I could put her down and 6:30 AM when she woke up crying again. I gave her some pain medicine (I assume this is all from teething) and she fell back asleep around 8:30.

We took a two hour nap, and I had hoped to get something, anything, done during the day. But I didn't, unless you count showering and watching three episodes of Murder, She Wrote as accomplishments. I was hoping that once B got home I would be able to get the rest of the bathroom tile done, but I needed to grind away some excess mortar that I didn't get scraped up before and Baby Girl was actually sleeping at a reasonable hour in her own bed. Instead, I did this.

Do you like the lovely decal above the mirror? Also, you can't see this (so I could get away without pointing it out) but the light in that room is coming from a lamp on the floor in the corner. The fluorescents on the medicine cabinet stopped working. After a while it occurred to us that maybe one of the lights had burned out and was causing both of them not to light up. I haven't remembered to buy new bulbs to test that theory, though.

This door has been catching in two places on the jamb since the summer, and looking at the door frame and trim you could see that things were very out of square and level. This project is pretty far down the to do list in importance, but very close to the top in terms of time and equipment needed to get started.

I hadn't intended to work on my bedroom floor since it was after 8 PM by the time I started taking the trim down, but I was still ready to work once I finished with that, so I went ahead and started in the bedroom.

Then this happened.

Hello, awake baby. It was inevitable, I guess. I'll work on the floor more tomorrow; maybe I'll actually be able to make a dent in it then.

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  1. You work like me....I can't finish one project before I start tinkering with another. Probably ADD for me. I love that your son is in the robotics club. I wish mine would join.