Monday, February 18, 2013

Baby Girl's first birthday party

The day finally came. Baby Girl's birthday party; now it's official.

Puffy pink dress!

The party decor. I wanted to keep things low key (although it felt like low key took forever), so I stuck with tissue paper pom poms and Baby Girl's first year in Polaroids I made in Gimp. I used this tutorial. It didn't take long once I remembered to set the resolution before I started (Gimp defaults to 72, you should work at at least 300). Unfortunately I didn't remember that until I had finished all the pictures, so I ended up doing them twice. B hung the pom poms. I'm going to hang them in a tighter cluster over Baby Girl's crib, probably with orange ones added.

I made the frame out of lumber I reclaimed from our old floating shelves, so 1x2s. I stained them Early American, then just screwed them together at the corners. The pictures are hung onto twine using mini clothespins. I used gold tacks to hold the twine in place.

Mmm, cake. I wrote more about the cake here. We dubbed this the diabetes cake since there was so much sugar in and on it. In the end I didn't have enough rose petals to cover the entire thing, so I covered the top and put colored sugar on the sides.

Baby Girl, Deetz and Monkey.

Time for cake! Her smash cake had four flower petals on top, and she delicately picked each one off and ate it before starting in on the cake.

She didn't really get into it until we gave her a fork, though.

Then it was time for presents. She didn't really care about the wrapping paper.

Boxes and bags are fun, though.

It was a fun party, and I think Baby Girl enjoyed herself. She certainly enjoyed the cake and new toys.

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  1. Yeah! She looks adorable...and that dress. Can we just take a moment to love that dress? Your cake decorating skills are unbelievable. The crafty decorations you did are perfect.