Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bedroom art

Yesterday was one of those days spent running errands and going to so many stores that you feel like you must have accomplished something, except at the end of the day all you have to show for it is dishwasher detergent and frustration that you couldn't find any fabric you liked. Because of that it was a simple project kind of day. I thought about making a pillow for Mr. Man--I bought fabric weeks ago--but decided against it because the setup was too involved. So I started on one of the pieces of art for our room.

I'm planning on having two pieces of art, one for over the bed and one for over the loveseat. The one over the bed will be a landscape, based on a real place here. This is what I had after maybe an hour.

I think that tree has to go. I'm not sure. The perspective isn't really right yet since this is mostly just blocks of color right now. And I'm not sure about the size; I need to hold it up over the bed but I might want something smaller. If I decide the size is wrong I'll either paint over the canvas or put it in my studio. Assuming it turns out OK, that is; at this point it's definitely got some issues.

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