Friday, February 22, 2013

Garden dreaming

The snowstorm we got yesterday (and are still getting) has me pining for spring. Or summer. Or temperatures above 50. Growing up, my parents ran a greenhouse. My mom had a landscaping business. We always had our own tomatoes and corn in the summer. I've dreamed for years about having a beautiful garden, but it's been years since I've had a good garden yard.

This house has a terrible garden yard. There is very little light, and most of the full sun ground is in an inconvenient place (the side yard where no one ever goes, although there's one reasonably bright area near the main gate). There are three trees (I hate them all) that do nothing but block the light and make messes. I have nothing against trees, but I think the mature size of the tree needs to be coordinated with the size of the yard. If I had my way, all of the trees would come out and we'd start over with something more appropriate. Yes, I am the kind of jerk that would get rid of a forty-five-year-old tree just because I didn't like it.

Because of the trees, I don't really have a place for a greenhouse, but I'd love one made of gorgeous reclaimed windows and doors.

I'd also consider this shed made of lattice instead of your standard metal garden shed. I don't have room for a shed either, though.

Maybe I could build something like this for vegetables above the handrails of my tiny tiny deck, but again, I'm not sure that enough light gets to it.

There are some things that I could have right now, but I don't really see the point. First off, this awesome gate.

I have a chain link fence. My chain link fence forms the sides of chain link fences in three other neighbors' yards. The sides where gates go are all mine, but I think that would look kind of silly, to have a small section of wooden fence then almost an entire yard of chain link. Plus my side fences aren't really long enough to accommodate something like this and still look good.

I've always wanted a pergola. Doesn't this seem like the perfect thing to go over a patio?

I could do this, except the patio is where B and the boys play basketball. If there weren't a giant tree in the middle of the yard I'd have another place to put a patio.

Now for flowers. Again, my options are limited because I'm in zone 5 and have one small area of sun.

I love ruffly flowers. We have three peonies, which are of course in far too shady an area. I need to move those to the sunny patch by the gate. I'd also love to have some ranunculus.

I've never seen one in real life, but I love parrot tulips.

More peonies. My sister calls peonies "old lady flowers," but I love them.

I could probably do this. I had hostas in the front last year, but I think I lost most, if not all, of them. Guess I'll start over again this summer.

I'm hoping that this summer isn't as awful as last summer so we can actually go outside and I can get some gardening done out there. I think we went outside less than half a dozen times. I don't go outside or let the kids go outside when the temperature is over 90, and it seems like it was most of the time. This year it'd be nice to cap things at the mid-80s; lower would be OK, too. Also, more rain would be great.

Have you started planning your garden yet? You'll note that I don't have any vegetables on here; that's because, along with the aforementioned lack of light, the squirrels eat them. I've decided not to waste my time.

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  1. I hear ya! I have a chain link fence, too. This summer I am going to try and plant some boxwoods that will grow to hide it....and then, hopefully...I can put in a pretty gate...2-3 year plan, I think.