Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Master bedroom challenge, week four

Things didn't really go smoothly this week. I bought all new flooring since the stuff we had wasn't enough to cover the floor and I couldn't match it. Since that didn't happen until Sunday, I should have been able to put it down on Tuesday. That didn't happen. Yaya was home from school sick (but not really) so between him and Baby Girl it was a miracle I accomplished anything.

I thought that hanging the curtain rods would be quick and easy. Spoiler alert: it wasn't. Since our room is in the basement, the trim is about three inches from the ceiling. There was really no option except hanging the brackets at ceiling level, but this meant that the drill couldn't really fit into that space and of course the screws were soft metal that stripped half the time. I usually try and buy screws separately for that very reason; manufacturers will use the softest metal they can get away with. I used a manual screwdriver wherever I could, but it and the drill scraped the paint off the wood, so now that has to be repaired, too.

I found a great deal on panels at Target. They were white, and while white wasn't my first choice I didn't have a color in mind. Maybe cream colored, but I wasn't tied to that. So when I found 95" panels on clearance for $6.48 each, I snatched them up. I could only find five, but I figured that one would be hidden behind the bed. Except--of course--when I hung them up one of the panels there was a hole in it. I bought all of the white 95" panels that my store had, and I really don't want to have to drive to another city to visit more Targets. I dithered about taking them all back or trying to make two 84" panels work behind the bed. Then I took the damaged panel down and the clips were pulling and snagging the fabric like crazy, so I decided they all needed to go back. I don't think they would survive one wash cycle.

Basically my progress this week started out as this.

And ended up as this.

Still better than the before, though.

There was less visible progress--I bought some lampshades and throw pillows, moved the bed over three inches so it was centered on the wall and bought a few accessories. Well, the supplies to make accessories. But ultimately, I have almost nothing to show for this week. And no curtains on my windows.

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  1. It's hard, I know. At least you did not keep curtains that you would hate very soon. That's progress. Have you checked Ikea?