Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Master bedroom challenge, week one

I guess this is week one. It's update one, anyway.

Linda announced the return of the One Room Challenge this week, and I decided to play along at home by redoing my master bedroom. It's a six week challenge, so I'll be done in 2015.

With Baby Girl's birthday party coming up I haven't had as much time to work on this as I'd like (although really, it's easier for me to work down here when she's awake than it is to lay tile or install faucets), so this update is pretty lackluster.

I did go shopping this weekend (thrift and regular stores, even) looking for the stuff I wanted for this room. I wanted to buy the peacock couch, find a new bedside table, a bookcase that matched the one we already have if I was really lucky, and a lamp for B. However, for the first time in a long time, I struck out completely. Usually there's at least something I want at a store, even if it's not what I'm looking for for my particular project. This time: nothing. And of course the peacock couch was gone. I had been preparing myself for that possibility ever since I decided I wanted it after all, so it only stung a little.

Our room is basically the dumping ground for everything that needs to go somewhere other than where it currently is, but no one is quite sure where that mystical place might be. Now the craft studio is the new dumping ground, and I still don't know how to find the elusive place where everything belongs. (Actually, quite a bit of the stuff I took out of here was craft supplies, so maybe I have found it.)

We started out with this pile by the door.

And now it's a slightly smaller pile, but of stuff that actually needs to be used in this room.

Poppy enjoys this pile. Also, I need to scrub the floor with Goo Gone or something.

This is mostly garage sale stuff. This is also about half of what was there before. I thought about putting the rest of the clothes back to get a more accurate before picture, but I decided I'm not that crazy.

Better, though not perfect. Those clothes on the back have to go to Mr. Man's school, and the diaper boxes in the background are full of books.

The box in front of the loveseat is a mishmash of decor, books, summer clothes and garage sale stuff. It's stuff that needs to go elsewhere and stuff that I need to make decisions about, so I took the easy road and left it sitting for now. The bag on the other side of the loveseat is the new coverlet.

After Baby Girl's party I'll be painting in here, but I also want to get new stair railings installed, so that will divide my attention. I'm hoping that the stair railings will be fast. They have to be; it's not exactly a project you can let go for a while. Anyway, I'm hoping by next Wednesday I'll have the room painted and the new floor at least started. I still need to make decisions on curtains and pick up fabrics for the bench and peacock chair cushions. I have some ideas about what I want to go over the loveseat and dresser, but nothing solid yet.

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