Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More kitchen organization

I've been searching for the kitchen organization sweet spot since we moved in two and a half years ago. I haven't found it yet, but I feel like I'm getting closer. If you go by my posts, the most progress has happened in the past year.

Recently I went into Dollar Tree and, miracle of all miracles, they actually had organizing stuff. I see posts all the time about people finding these amazing baskets and bins there and all I ever see at mine are empty shelves, so this was a nice change.

I bought baskets for the kitchen and sewing room, but since the sewing room is still further down the to do list, I started in the kitchen.

The two hot spots I chose to tackle were the junk drawer and the fridge.

There's no before of the fridge. I'm not sure why (I actually did this a month ago) but it was probably gross.

Here's the junk drawer after.

I think this might be my most successful organizing project. This has been like this for about three weeks, and it's not a total mess yet. Miracles may never cease. The two back baskets are more or less junk, then one for Scentsy bars, two for pens/pencils/scissors/erasers/sharpeners/highlighters/whatever and one for batteries, random battery covers and small chargers.

You can see that the baskets don't fit exactly, but the gap left in the middle is just another space to store stuff. Usually we keep the cord for the fryer in there.

The fridge is not as much of a success story.

I mean, the baskets each have a specific purpose, but we could probably do without all of them except for the two on the left. Those are the sandwich baskets, and we do love sandwiches here. Oh, and the one on the bottom--that's the salad basket. Mostly it holds salad dressing, but it also holds bacon pieces and feta. Mmm, feta. The other two that you can barely see hold dairy and Asian sauces. I think I need baskets for those things, but maybe not those particular baskets.

Anyway, as you can see, we have lots of leftovers in our refrigerator, and this is pretty typical. Paint rollers, too. Someday there will be no paint rollers in the fridge. B doesn't believe me, but I believe.

I guess one solution would be to buy more storage containers so that we're not using old sour cream containers. Ideally they'd all be the same shape, too--most of ours are square but you can see there are some rectangular and round, too. However, we're getting a new fridge soon (we bought this one new when we moved in in 2010 but it's been nothing but problems) so I probably won't make any changes until then. I also want to start the remodel soon, so fingers crossed that more efficient cabinet space is in my near future.

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