Friday, February 15, 2013

Odds and ends

Blogger changed their photo uploader. I don't like it. Mostly I don't like the HTML code it uses now. I have to input my own height and width code. What is this, Geocities?

Yesterday both boys had their Valentines Day class parties. (I think one of them referred to it as a spring party, but I thought that euphemism was reserved for Easter and anyway, it isn't spring.) I had intended to start their boxes earlier this week, but we ended up doing them the night before.

Sorry for the unmade bed and the blurry picture. I had to choose between a mostly focused face and a mostly focused box. He was a wiggle worm, plus I took these this morning in our semi-dark bedroom. Some of the things on his box are stickers we had from Hobby Lobby and some are printables from here. I thought he would make an Angry Birds level on the box, but he wanted to glue things everywhere so that's what we did. Well, that's what he and B did. I probably would have noticed that the box was upside down before I started gluing, but he's happy with it and that's all that matters.

Yaya wanted a Lego Ninjago box with the green ninja, but then he decorated the sides with extra Angry Birds stickers. I remember when he was in kindergarten we built him a Valentine box that was a giant castle guarded by a firebreathing dragon. Now we cover shoeboxes with white paper and give the kids stickers to decorate them. Actually, I think they like this better. Also, spot the lazybones baby who's still asleep and also in Mommy and Daddy's bed because sleeping in your own crib is no fun at all.

I spent three hours today making fondant rose petals.

Sorry about the yellowness of this picture. I adjusted the white balance and the color but it was still yellow. So whatever. Anyway, after three hours I had 51 fondant petals. I don't know how many I need exactly, but I'm guessing close to 200. I have to speed things up tomorrow.

The kids don't have school tomorrow so I get to take all three of them to Wal-Mart to finish the birthday party shopping. As long as I bribe them with Lunchables (yuck) I'll be OK. That's what I'm telling myself, at least.

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  1. Happy Birthday party to all. Those Valentines boxes are great, and I bet they were full when they brought them home.