Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I just realized I completely forgot to write a post for today. So now I'm going to rush to get something up before I take the kids to school.

It seems that we've decided to take the pedestal sink back and exchange it for a vanity. I had decided against that because I didn't like any of the vanities at Home Depot, but I found one on their site I hadn't seen before. They have one available in the area, so B and I will try and get that on Friday. Since there's only one I fully expect not to get it, but we shall see.

I still haven't sent Baby Girl's birthday party invitations. Normally I'm pretty strict about sending invitations two weeks before the party, but here we are at 11 days out and I haven't sent them yet. There was a screw up with the printing (several, in fact) so I'm supposed to pick them up today and hopefully get them out today, too.

And now, so this isn't just a words post, here's a picture of my baby trying to work a Kindle Fire. They grow up so fast.

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