Friday, February 8, 2013

Pennies make pounds

I read the post title in Lane Pryce's (from Mad Men) voice. Poor Lane.

Progress around here is, almost without exception, very very slow. But eventually the tiny inches forward turn into feet, and we start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. (We don't always get to the end of the tunnel, but being close enough to see the light is nice.)

The gallery wall is gone, patched and repainted.

And look at that--only one lamp shade is crooked. Progress!

I have a toilet paper holder AND a towel bar.

I swear those walls are both the same color.

The doors in the bathroom have two coats of primer so I can finally move the five gallon bucket back downstairs. I definitely need to use the brush on the first coat of paint, or a much rougher roller.

All of my tile is marked and ready to be cut.

This one is extra time consuming since I cut it in my dad's workshop. If I miscut one, I have to drive back out there and hope I get it right the second time. It's fifteen minutes each way, so not a huge distance, but it adds up.

Party decorations are starting to accumulate. These should honestly not take as long as they have, but the opportunity to sit at a table without a baby doesn't happen too often.

I'm starting to think I might actually get everything done. Well, except bathroom trim. I'm still not sure of that one. But I have high hopes for a sink.

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  1. Yeah! It's getting there. I can never figure out why the camera makes colors look differently? Those huge flowers are the cutest thing. That gold cart is really cute, too.