Thursday, February 7, 2013

The one room challenge

I've been ready for the weekend since Monday, and the week so far hasn't made me feel any different. Wednesday was especially busy--the boys get out of school early every other Wednesday, plus Yaya had a doctor's appointment and Mr. Man was in an awful mood. Also, Baby Girl was a total brat Tuesday night so I was operating on a sleep deficit. The day's over now, thankfully. Early out Wednesdays generally mean I get nothing done, and I failed at the one thing I tried to do: buy new shoes since the soles are practically falling off of mine. I bought Super Glue instead and will hit up a few more stores this weekend.

So, since I didn't get anything done yesterday, my post topic options are fairly limited. I got Baby Girl's invitations sent, but I can't really show them on here. I was at a loss until I saw Linda had posted the new One Room Challenge. It got me thinking about my own house.

Normally I would be scared of such a challenge--six weeks to do a room from start to finish? I can take six years on one room. However, lately I've been feeling very meh about the master bedroom. We haven't done anything to it since we moved down here, and you can tell. I think I'm ready to change it up; I want a soothing oasis rather than a laundry graveyard. For a refresher, this is my starting point.

The coffee table and red sewing table are gone, but that doesn't mean it's any less messy. Here's a view of the loveseat area.

I really like having a loveseat here. Mr. Man comes into our room almost every night, so we just direct him over to the loveseat and he sleeps there.

I've talked before about wanting a super saturated color in here, but I think I'm going to go more serene. The walls could stay the same color, but the trim needs to be painted out. White trim is fine, but there's trim in the corners and it needs to be the same color as the walls. So I guess that means everything gets a new coat of paint. The exact color depends on if I go yellow or gray--yellow would be Benjamin Moore Mayonnaise, probably. I'm not sure about gray, but I don't think it would look right with my fabric choices anyway.

Remember this sofa?

This is a terrible cell phone picture; in real life it's a beautiful pale pink. I saw this way back in November at my favorite thrift store. It's been there every single time I've gone back, and I still really want it. I think this is the perfect opportunity to buy it, assuming it's still there. It can replace the loveseat and provide great pattern. If it's not still there, I'll just add some different textiles to the current loveseat or something.

The peacocks from the sofa will be carried over to the bed with this peacock fabric I picked up. It's third from the left on the top row, and of course you can't see the real pattern, but trust me that it has peacocks.

I'm thinking long bolster.

I've already bought a coverlet from TJ Maxx, so that's covered, but I cannot decide on what to do for curtains. Look at the placement of the window on the back wall in this picture.

You can't see the entire wall, but the window isn't centered on the wall or the bed, and since it goes past the bed several inches it's not a situation where I can just hang curtains a little wide and fake a centered window. I need something almost wall-to-wall back there. You know that's going to be cheap.

I've considered doing kind of an ombre broadcloth thing--start out with white at the edges, then work into a dark blue-gray in the middle. I worry that I'll hate it soon, though, and that it'll collect cat hair like a magnet. Taking regular curtains down to wash isn't so bad, but taking down an entire wall of panels on a regular basis sounds like it'll be a huge pain.

I've also thought about a giant folding screen-type thing. We never open the curtains on that window since it faces the street, so I'm not worried about covering it. Plus there are two other windows that get more light. Clearly this is something I need to think about more.

As for the rest of it, I need a seat cushion for the peacock chair, more pillow shams, I'm thinking a bigger bedside table for me, art, maybe a bigger (and nicer) bookcase for the TV and books, cushions for the bench, and possibly a rug. We're getting carpeting in here (YAY) so I could go without a rug and be fine. There's probably more. I'll need accessories, of course, but I don't need much. B needs a bigger better lamp, and I'm not sure if my weird fire dancer lamp will stay.

Picture from 2010, so excuse the crappiness. I won't get rid of the lamp--I love it too much for that--but it can easily find a new home in the craft studio.

So let's see if I can get this done, or at least mostly done. Wish me luck.

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  1. Good luck! I'm so glad you enjoy the series. The One Room Challenge is trademarked, but your "Bedroom Challenge" should be fun to watch.