Thursday, March 14, 2013

2013 House Goals revisited

So we're a quarter of the way through the year and I had nothing else to write about today, so I thought I'd revisit the house list for this year.

First on the list: repaint the living room/entry/upstairs hall. My plan was just to repaint it the same color, and that is still the plan. I've done a few walls in the living room and hall but haven't touched the entry yet. I'm a little scared, honestly, because this color was a custom color, matched from a discontinued color, I don't have the formulas anymore, and I don't have that much left. I'm really afraid to go buy another gallon and start putting it on the wall because I'm sure it won't match.

Second, replace the stair railing, trim the floor, and strip and stain the stairs. Also mentioned was putting trim up in the living room and hall, although I mentioned that I thought that might be a later on project. Almost every single plan on this list has been scrapped except for the new trim, which I have already purchased and will hopefully be installing next week. With the possibility of us moving, and with the goal of getting the house market ready, I don't want to start any big new projects. Our agent doesn't recommend putting any money into projects that aren't absolutely necessary and none of those projects are necessary. I'll be touching up the paint on the stairs and railings. I do still need to trim the laminate around the stairs and railing; that's the one thing that's still on the list.

Third, the basement. My original list was: new carpet in our room and maybe in the main area of the back basement (but probably not), rigid foam insulation and paneling on the walls, texturing above the paneling, paint, new window treatments, trim around the windows, putting in an electric ventless fireplace/giant space heater, installing a new closet in our room and finishing the sewing room. This is another list that has changed significantly. Since we have damage on the walls from the foundation shifting, I was always concerned about doing the rigid foam insulation on the walls if selling was a possibility. I didn't want someone to say that we had covered it up with the intention of hiding something and the agent agreed with me. The plan now is just to prime and paint.

We did buy a big space heater, although its efficacy is not what we had hoped. I also just finished installing laminate in our room.

Carpet, laminate; it's all floor covering. I actually decided on laminate because I like the look better and it's much cheaper than carpet.

We will be installing simple trim around the windows so they can be covered (one down, two to go), I want to finish the sewing room because I want to use it, and I've bought the fabric for window treatments so those will get done.

And lastly, the kitchen overhaul. I had big plans for the kitchen. New fridge, some new cabinets and new cabinet doors for the original cabinets, new floor, new lights, new paint, etc etc. Again, this is basically off the list. We have replaced some of the pulls (I still have to find pulls for the cabinets to replace the egg knobs I bought) and, other than touching up cabinet and wall paint, fixing the floor and doing some caulking, things are going to stay the same in there.

So really, I'm almost done. Woohoo! Look how fast things get done when you just decide not to do them!

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  1. I think you have a fun attitude about it. I would realize I can't do it, but let it bother me. It really is all so silly when you think about it.