Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bedroom art, take two

I wasn't happy with my first try at painting a landscape for the master bedroom. As I said, it's based on a real place, but it's March and there's snow on the ground. Not the feel I want in my landscape. So I decided to pick a different subject that evoked the same feeling.

I went to Caedes, which is one of my favorite landscape photography websites (they have sections for several different subjects, all with beautiful photography), and picked a new landscape. The one I chose is called Farmland. I thought about just printing a color copy and transferring it to a canvas using one of the many tutorials on Pinterest, but decided I wanted something bigger.

I knew I wasn't going to get much done Saturday, so I turned on Netflix and painted over my first painting to come up with this.

I'm still not done--the sky needs some work and more layers of paint (you can see the old painting through the new paint still), plus there's lots of layering to be done. But I think for a few hours of work, it's looking good. B took the rest of the week off, so I should have more time to paint without trying to keep Baby Girl occupied. I have a 24x36 inch canvas for the loveseat wall, so I want to get a good start on that, too. And yes, that's my new floor in the picture. I have about two rows left; I should actually be done in time for my Wednesday update post. You have no idea how excited I am to finish a project in a reasonable amount of time. It's practically a first in this house.

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