Friday, March 8, 2013

Kitchen jewelry

I bought new knobs and pulls for the kitchen a few weeks ago, with the assumption that I would be installing them on the new doors and drawer fronts I hoped to build/salvage. However, since changing knobs and pulls is such a little thing (and since the real estate agent is coming Tuesday), I decided to switch them out tonight. Of course, since I bought knobs for the cabinets and there are currently pulls, I'll have to do some exchanging. But the cup pulls I bought for the drawers went on just fine.



I love it. I'm kind of surprised at how different it looks. Now I just need to get used to putting my fingers under the pull to open a drawer. I may or may not have poked at the silverware drawer for much more than a few seconds before I realized my mistake. I also need to give most of the cabinets a fresh coat of paint (even though I just finished painting them last summer) and, from the looks of it, clean my oven. It feels like I just did. I spend more time cleaning the oven than on any other appliance.

Our weekend will be used to finish up some projects, or at least I hope it will. One of the houses that I've kind of entertained as a possibility for moving to is having an open house Sunday, so I'm going to that. I'm pretty sure it won't work; even if the house is fabulous there's no yard. Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend?

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