Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Master bedroom challenge, the reveal. Or not.

Did you ever have one of those weeks or months where things weren't necessarily always going wrong, but they didn't go right or any other way? That's basically how my year has been going so far. I keep trying to start, finish or make progress on any number of must-be-done things and I just keep stalling. I don't mind so much if it's one day, but this just keeps going on and on. I think a big part of it is that I never have any guaranteed project time anymore. Baby Girl's schedule has changed and she doesn't do her three hour morning nap anymore. Tuesday morning she took a twenty minute nap. Plus B is back in school so he's gone three nights a week, and I feel guilty doing solo projects the other two nights.

Anyway. Enough excuses. I did the best I could, and the room is much better than it was before, but for now I look at it as a good design foundation: the basics are there, but some of them need a little jazzing up and a little accessorizing. Linda assures me that it's OK to take more than six weeks, so I'll continue on from here. Not right away, unfortunately; I need to focus on getting my house selling to do list done. I'll get back to the bedroom over time, but for now I have my hands full fighting to keep the laundry mountain to five loads and the dishes from piling up to the ceiling.

I did accomplish a few things, though, so shall we take a peek?

Bolster made from a body pillow I cut down (width-wise) by three or four inches.

Throw pillows. My favorite part of the pink pillow is the blue flat welt, which you can kind of see here.

I still need to paint the edges on this, but I'm calling it done anyway.

Sorry about the lighting; it was kind of gray out Tuesday and I didn't get an opportunity to take pictures until almost 5.

There we are. I could list off the things I still have to do, but I won't. It's mostly sewing and cleaning, same old same old. Now that you've slogged through this, you should go to Linda's site and check out the reveals from the official participants.

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  1. Thanks for the link love. I have definitely had one of those weeks, months, years...In hind sight, I wish I had been more kind to myself. Who really cares if decorating deadlines are met? These precious years with your kids go too fast. Try to enjoy them. I wish I could have some of those days back. You have excellent sewing skills.