Thursday, March 21, 2013

Science with Pinterest

Most of us have probably seen this pin by now, where you dissolve the shell off an egg with vinegar. (I'd like to embed it here, but I tried for half an hour to get the embed button to work and couldn't.) The original source of the pin is here. Yaya and I decided to do this experiment this weekend.

I really didn't expect this to work, probably because the internet has trained me to think that most stuff from Pinterest doesn't work even if that hasn't been my experience. But it did! Meet Eggy.

It really is as simple as the caption this time: you just soak an egg in vinegar for a day and the shell dissolves. Boom, science. I was a little worried about how precisely the directions had to be followed--it said soak the egg for 12-24 hours, but if I go over 24 hours will the egg explode or something? Eggy ended up staying in the cup of vinegar for about 32 hours and no explosions happened, so whew. I wish the membrane had been a little less cloudy, but I'm not sure if that's from the vinegar or just how it is.

Next up we decided to do the experiment where you put the egg in dyed water to see how water moves through the membrane via osmosis.

This is his "I'm excited to be holding a blue egg with no shell" face.

We tried to see how much of the dye would come off if you put the egg back in clean water, but the answer was either "not much" or "all of it, but really slowly."

I think it might be time to say goodbye to Eggy, though. He hasn't started stinking yet but he will. I just need to decide how to end him. The trash doesn't seem right, and neither does the garbage disposal. Maybe I've gotten attached to the little guy. Also I'm worried that breaking it will release a truly awful smell. I guess I need to bite the bullet sometime soon. I hope I'm spared from rotten egg stench.

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