Friday, March 15, 2013

Stealing the show

Last night Mr. Man had a school concert. This was supposed to happen a month ago, but they rescheduled it because it snowed. Anyway, for the most part he didn't really do anything. Until the last song. The theme of the concert was acceptance, equality, etc. They had signs that they used for part of the show. Apparently Mr. Man had been itching to get his hands on one at the dress rehearsal earlier Thursday, but hadn't been able to. He seized his opportunity at the concert. He wasn't supposed to, but it worked with the theme of the show. And it was cute.

Note that this is made of two clips put together because my camera kept cutting out. Also, the sign says "friendship" and he's holding it upside down.

concert from mustaddfabricsoftener on Vimeo.

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