Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weird stuff my kids say

We had a snow day Monday, so I managed to accomplish very little. I tried, but every time I turned around Baby Girl was eating paper or falling over onto her head. Basically what I'm trying to say is, unless you want a post about how I got the dishwasher loaded and the kitchen and living room floors swept and spot cleaned, I have no real accomplishments to post about. So you get random weird stuff my kids say instead.

Yaya: If we win the lottery, can you get me a DS?
Me: Absolutely.
Yaya: YES! And Super Mario Brothers 2?
Me: Of course.
Yaya: You know, if you win the lottery you can just spend your money, then when you run out of money you go win the lottery again. Then you have unlimited money for a while.
Me: I don't think that's how it works.

Me: B, Baby Girl has a surprise for you!
Yaya: It's poop!
Me: Jeez, Yaya, thanks for ruining the surprise.
Yaya: It's always poop.

And finally, one from Mr. Man. I was play spanking Baby Girl. He has learned about "dying" from video games, as in, you fail the level and you die. From this exchange, I don't think he really understands it.

Me: Spank spank spank, spank the baby.
Mr. Man: Mommy, you killed Baby Girl!
Me: I did?
Mr. Man: You don't kill Baby Girl, Mommy!
Me: Oh, OK. I'll try. That's good advice.

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