Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bathroom week: day two

I do not have a good feeling about the rest of this week, you guys. First of all, the part I thought I needed to get the faucet working does not exist. So now I have to have my dad come look at it, which is definitely not happening until at least this weekend, maybe next. Second, Menards also did not have odorless oil-base primer (I know it exists!) or floor patch. Third, B came home from school and announced that the alternator belt on his car had once again slipped off or over or something, so it's not really driveable anywhere except to the mechanic. That means we have to have the kids ready at 7 AM so we can drive him to work and still get them to school on time. Then I have to drive over and pick him up after work, too. Yaya has a doctor's appointment at 2:40 which I have to start picking kids up for at 1:40. On paper, it seems like I have time during the day, but I don't have anything reliable. Baby Girl may or may not take a morning nap, and when she's not sleeping I definitely can't paint or do anything very involved. So I don't have and can't get the materials to do my two biggest projects and Baby Girl has been fractious (love that word; it's the perfect description for her right now) for the last two days. I'm not foreseeing getting a whole lot done. I'm hoping to finish painting, and I think I can get the art done, but other than that I'm at a bit of a loss. We'll see, though; maybe I'll be able to get something done after dinner since B will be home.

Anyway, I had exactly one hour of DIY time today. Baby Girl didn't want to take her nap, so after two hours I resorted to driving her around. I hate doing that; Lord knows I don't need to start another bad habit with her. But anyway, that meant I couldn't get anything done during her nap. At bedtime, it took her an hour to go to sleep because Mr. Man was having a meltdown about not being able to find his favorite book, then she woke up an hour later. That was my DIY hour.

In that time, I got half of the picture frames hung up.

Obviously that's not the art that will be in there. That's what was in Yaya's nursery way back when. Ah, memories. I have painted picture frames but they've been eaten by the basement, I think. I'll have to buy two more and paint them all one color. I do not know what color yet.

The only other thing I got done was painting: the doors and one tiny bit of window trim. Here's the inside of the bathroom door before.

And after. The other door actually shows a bigger difference because it was very textured, but I couldn't get a good shot.

This is when it's wet so I can't be sure, but I'm thinking I'll need at least one more coat.

The window frame before.

I have no excuse for painting just the bottom part of the trim brown. The previous owners had painted it gray, so for some reason I followed suit. I knew it was stupid when I did it. Here's the after.

I am planning on painting the rest of the window trim, but this is the point at which Baby Girl woke up.

I hope to get some painting done Wednesday, both trim and wall. At this point I won't be able to tile until Friday in the best case scenario. I thought about putting the trim up and painting it later, but it's MDF and I'm sure unpainted MDF in a bathroom is a disaster waiting to happen. We'll see how far I get, I guess.

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