Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bitten by the garden bug

As I suspected, I got no bathroom work done today. By the time we got home from getting B and running errands, it was time for dinner, then bed, then two hours to get Baby Girl to sleep. I'm not surprised. So today, since it's been raining and is supposed to snow, I thought I'd write about gardening.

I have written before about our sad yard and my efforts to make it better. I have also written about what I dream of doing but will probably never get done. Last year I did nothing because I had a two-month-old, but this year I have a fourteen-month-old and a play yard.

My mom has a yard full of perennials that need to be split, so I'm trying to stick to those in my garden planning. I'm redoing the front bed again; I had hostas there last year but the heat killed them. I also had impatiens in the front bed and Dusty Miller in the driveway bed, but those are both annuals. There's alyssum in the driveway bed, too, which is an annual but will probably reseed itself. Guess I'll find out soon. The big planting this year is going to be in the back yard, in the bed along the back fence. Let's just hope the kids can be convinced to stay out of it.

You should be able to click on each picture to go to the pin I got it from.

There will be hostas.


Black-eyed Susan.



And some annuals. New Guinea Impatiens.


In my planter, sweet potato vine.

Probably wave petunias.

And some other stuff that I haven't decided on yet. I also bought a dwarf burning bush.

A few dahlia bulbs.


And elephant ears.

It'd be nice to have a firepit like this.

But let's not get crazy.

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  1. So many of my favorite plants. Did you put the hosta's in the shade? They are really hard to kill. Even if we had a firepit nobody would build the fire.