Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I had planned on getting another coat of primer, and maybe a coat of paint, on at least one basement wall today, but the boys decided that my time would be better spent playing referee and the way Baby Girl was into absolutely everything, I don't think she would have been happy being in the bouncer. I've had to get her out of four things in the time it took me to type that first paragraph, and I type fast. Now she's mad at me.

Anyway, there's no shortage of half-done projects around here, so I pulled out a blanket I started when I was five months pregnant with Baby Girl. I wanted something with lots of texture, and this is mostly bobbles so it's good on that point. Believe it or not, I was 90% finished with it before she was born, but it got pushed to the side and has sat unused through one and a half perfectly good winters. It's close to too late to use it now, but I might be able to finish it up in time for a few cool spring days.

I apologize for the terrible pictures. B had his photography class so I couldn't take pictures until almost 9, plus both cats were in the room so Baby Girl was more interested in terrorizing them than trying to pull the bobbles off the blanket, which is what she tried to do when she first saw it.

She was also much more interested in the camera than usual, too, hence all the blurry pictures. It wasn't my day.

If you'd like to see the actual finished product, check out the tutorial here. I kind of want to make one in a chevron ombre, although I doubt my brain could keep track of all that info. Maybe in a few years.

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