Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I got distracted

FYI: this post is basically useless, so if you want to skip it, feel free.

I was going to make Baby Girl some bow barrettes and post about that, but then she was taking forever to go to sleep and I started looking at food on Pinterest. It shouldn't be hard to guess what happened next. (Click the images to go to the pin.)

malted chocolate cake with toasted marshmallow filling
Malted chocolate cake with toasted marshamllow filling

almond poppyseed bread
Almond poppyseed bread

ricotta cookies
Ricotta cookies

cake batter cheesecake
Cake batter cheesecake

tagalong brownie cookie bars
Tagalong brownie cookie bars

strawberry lemonade cookies
Strawberry lemonade cookies

chocolate chip pretzel butterscotch cookies
Chocolate chip pretzel butterscotch cookies

cherry pie bars
Cherry pie bars

I'm trying to think of a reason to make each of these. The almond poppyseed bread and the chocolate chip pretzel butterscotch cookies are going to be teacher appreciation gifts, I think, and of course I will need to do some quality control taste testing. And do I really need a reason to make the tagalong brownie cookie bars? Or strawberry lemonade cookies? Cherries are healthy, so I'm good there. I have some ricotta cheese in the fridge that needs to be used, so really I have to make the ricotta cookies. That leaves the malted chocolate cake with toasted marshmallow filling. Oh, I know, our ninth anniversary is May 1--why not celebrate with cake? I forgot the cake batter cheesecake, though. We'll just have to celebrate our anniversary with both. We'll celebrate our tenth anniversary with diabetes.

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  1. A reason? Because it's Wednesday...that's the reason. The brownie cookie bars are killing me. I'm gluten free, so I will need to find alternatives.