Monday, April 22, 2013

I may actually be ready for Monday

Mr. Man and Yaya spent pretty much the entirety of Sunday afternoon and evening picking at each other. Thank God Yaya spent Saturday and most of Sunday at Grandma's house, or I may have gone insane. I love my kids, but I love not having to referee their every single interaction, too. Even Baby Girl was getting in on it.

We accomplished a few things this weekend. We may have found a house (although it's overpriced in my opinion, but I don't know how much weight "I have to redo all the crappy '70s trim upstairs" should carry when making an offer) so the heat is on to get things done. Some of the things don't need pictures. B cleaned the gutters, for instance, and we started going through the tools in the basement. I put the last pieces of laminate in our room and the living room. Yes, they were both missing a piece all this time. At least it was only one. Well, two total.

The kitchen floor is getting better. I know you can't really tell here, but I promise it is. Of course, I noticed four more tiles that should come up so I'm not really any closer to being done.

B and I installed a new kitchen light. My role was mostly supervisory. And yes, this is a work in progress. There will be a shade. And paint.

I wasn't going to replace the old light, but the bulbs burned out and it was so ugly I couldn't even think about replacing them. Plus the bulbs are expensive, so buying a new light was roughly the same price as replacing the bulbs on the old one.

Hmm, there was something else. What was it? Oh, yeah. I got the bathroom tile down.

As you can see, I didn't have the tile cut for around the vent, so I will need to get that done soon. I don't want to grout until the entry floor is done because they both use the same grout, so I don't want to mix up too much or too little or have non-matching colors or something. I'll probably recruit my mom to help with that so it doesn't dry out before I can get everything done. That basically limits me to next weekend since she's getting her knee replaced next Monday.

I know I've been big on theme weeks lately, but I don't really have one for this week. Get things done week? I want to get the entry floor done, the kitchen floor done, the kitchen cabinets painted, the new bathroom and living room trim painted and the kitchen walls painted. If I could get some existing trim painted or the bathroom and living room trim installed, that would be awesome, but I'll take things one day at a time.

What about you guys? Did you finish any projects this weekend?

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  1. You are getting it done! Thankfully, it is no longer freezing. I am going to move outside soon. I am a wimp when the weather is cold.