Thursday, April 18, 2013


Today was rainy and gray, which meant I spent most of the day sleepy and hungry. The kids had early out, so my DIY time during the day was pretty limited. I mostly spent it scraping paper off the floor. Yippee.

This is what a book looks like after Baby Girl gets hold of it. There's a reason why we call her Goat.

This is Mr. Man's current favorite book, too. Thankfully only a few words were obliterated.

Baby Girl and Mr. Man fought over toys. They like some of the same toys, so this happens a lot.

I did get a little brass polishing done.

It's half done here; you can see where I've taken the first layer of grime off on the left. This gave me hope for my brass lamp that's by the desk in the living room. It's very tarnished and I thought I was going to have to repaint it or something. It'll probably take a lot of ketchup (isn't that how you polish your brass?), but it'll be worth it.

Tomorrow will probably be more floor scraping. Again, yippee.

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