Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Moving on to the entry

I worked on the kitchen floor last night--I got a little crazy with taking out old tiles so I have to learn to pace myself--and I decided to go ahead and start on the entry floor, too. You can see what Baby Girl thought of this decision.

But I pushed ahead.

This seriously took half an hour, mostly because of the spacing. It's the groutable peel and stick tile and I love it so much. I would say "why did I wait three years to do this" but I don't know if this was available three years ago. I do wish I had used this tile in the bathroom; it would have been a lot easier and cheaper. The color looks a little tan here, but it's actually pretty gray so it's more or less the same as what's in the bathroom now, except the pain in the ass factor is significantly lower. It's at least twice as thick as regular peel and stick tile, so I don't know how easy cutting it with a utility knife (like the box suggests) would be; I'm thinking tin snips might be a better choice.

So far Get Stuff Done week is going well. Tomorrow I have to run three billion errands, but I want to get some painting done in the kitchen. My goal for calling our agent is May 6, so there's no time to waste. Believe me, we'll need every second. We'll probably need a week for cleaning alone.

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  1. Get stuff done week....I love that. You need to pin your projects to Project Procrastination Pinterest board. It's one of my boards that anyone who wants to, can become a pinner.