Thursday, April 4, 2013

Room of the (next) week

I am a flip flopper. I flip flop. A lot. Especially on big decisions, like moving. A few months ago, I was gung ho. Then I was not because the thought of all the projects I had to do was stressing me out big time. Now I guess I'm somewhere in the middle. I'd like to get the projects done--they're doable, and I have the supplies for almost all 40 of them--just to have them done. There are two really big projects on my list: the upstairs bathroom and the basement. The basement mostly needs paint and organization, but since it's a bigger space it's a bigger project. However, the bathroom is definitely used more than the basement, and it's more difficult because of the tile floor, so it's my first frog to eat. My plan is to spend next week focusing on the bathroom. Here's where we left off:

And that's where we still are. Well, actually, a few more tiles have come loose so I have to scrape mortar. I did finally bite the bullet and buy the premixed stuff, although I have a feeling the extra loose tiles may mean I need to supplement with a few pounds of the powder I used before. That's OK; a few spots are fine but I don't want to do the whole floor with it.

So here's my full list:

  • finish installing and grouting floor
  • finish painting
  • install faucet
  • screw vanity to the wall
  • prime and paint trim
  • install trim
  • scrape paint off tile (I was a little messy at one edge)
  • paint doors
  • hang mirror
  • hang art over the toilet
  • get a bath mat

I think that's it. I already regrouted and recaulked the tub, so that's one task done. The tile and the trim are going to be the two biggest jobs, but I'm hoping that not having to mix mortar will speed up the rest of the tile installation. I plan to do all the mortar scraping this weekend so I can get right to it on Monday. I'm ready to be done with this project--four months is more than enough to do a minor bathroom facelift.

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