Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Finally outside

It's warm! It's past Mother's Day weekend! I can plant stuff! Can you tell I'm excited?

I had big plans to spend lots of time outside this year, getting my garden to be, if not perfect, at least better than now. We bought Baby Girl a giant play yard so she could be outside with me. I was ready. Then I found a tick on my arm after I had not left the house all day. I do not do bugs, you guys. Especially biting or stinging bugs. I mean, I can handle ticks although they're disgusting and occasionally diseased, but I will run away from a wasp or even a honeybee. And I do mean run. So I'm not totally sure about taking her outside; there's really no spot in our yard that isn't under trees and she won't leave a hat on.

Anyway, Baby Girl stayed inside with B while Mr. Man, Yaya and I went out and played in the dirt.

I got two big pots planted.

This was super easy; just pop a hanging basket out of its pot, loosen the roots a little, and put it in a planter. I'm pretty sure the big planter has foam or something in the bottom half so it can actually be moved. These look pretty sad because I accidentally forgot a lot of my plants outside over the weekend and we had a freeze warning Saturday night. I'm not sure if it actually froze, but it couldn't have been good for them either way. The one in the smaller pot looks pretty iffy; hopefully it'll come through.

This giant hole was formerly the home of a peony. It's now home to one elephant ear bulb.

The peony lives here now, where there's more light. Fingers crossed that it perks up. You can see the beginnings of a second hole for one of the remaining two peonies.

My hostas are alive!

I actually weeded that bed a week and a half ago. Definitely needs mulch. I mean, that wont help with the weeds. But it'll look better.

I got in a few alyssum (I haven't seen any reseeding from the ones I had last year, but it's only just warmed up) and still have three columbine, some Dusty Miller, my new burning bush, a few hundred bulbs and a little bit more alyssum to get in. That's not counting all the perennials I need to go up and split from my mom's yard. I should probably try and get it all done this month so things have time to get settled in before it gets super hot. Of course, it's supposed to be in the 90s tomorrow so that ship may already have sailed.

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