Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I hope I can get a solid day outside this weekend; our yard needs it. In the meantime, though, I've accomplished a few little things.

I went up to my mom's last weekend and split some perennials. Not too many; I'm definitely going to need more.

Coneflower and sedum. That sedum at the front really should have been split at least in two, but it didn't want to so I didn't force it. I can't remember what the lily in the back corner is, but I vaguely remember it being orange. Tiger, maybe?

Kojak knocked over one of my planters and this is how B repotted it. This is the one I was worried about earlier. Poor plant. Still not dead, though.

Uh oh. My peonies have budded. Too late to move these two, at least until fall.

The transplanted peony. Obviously it has not budded. Definitely needs some mulch.

I still have these two hostas to get planted. I bought 200 pounds of soil for this bed, which I don't think will take care of the whole thing but will be enough for these, for now.

You can see what I mean about needing some time in the yard. I think I could probably spend a day on the weeding alone. And I haven't even shown you the front bed yet.

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