Thursday, May 16, 2013

More gardening

Ugh. You guys. I lost my garden plan. I mean, I mostly remember what it was since it was only the back bed--shade plants in the middle, part shades next to them, suns at the edges--but still. I like to have a plan.

Yaya and I went outside to water, but the columbines (unplanted) were looking pretty toasty so we decided to get those in. It took maybe ten minutes since there were only three.

They're in front of the (still single) peony, which maybe looks less sad? I can't tell. It's not out and out dead, anyway.

I will eventually clear out the grass and make this a real bed. I wasn't sure if we were actually going to do this bed this year, and transplanting the peony the other day was kind an impulse decision.

I still can't tell about this geranium. The other one looks pretty good.

I hate this area.

Why is there not concrete here? Or dirt? Why rocks? Why an absolutely useless space? I'm thinking of filling it with hostas, maybe. Or hostas and heucheras. Whatever goes there has to be able to tolerate lots of shade, since I'm pretty sure the only light this spot gets is when the sun is almost set. But I want it to serve some sort of purpose. I've thought of building a pallet potting table and putting potted plants around it, but I want something I'll definitely finish. If we do move next year (this year's looking out) I don't want to have to scramble to get something in here. What do you think? Potting station? Hosta bed? Both?

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