Monday, May 13, 2013

Sewing room progress

Happy belated Mother's Day! I hope everyone had a good weekend and a good Mother's Day. I spent mine doing not a whole lot. I did do a little sewing room rearranging in the late evening, but it wasn't terribly productive. Otherwise we watched movies for most of the day and B and Yaya went to the park to play baseball for a little bit.

I had hoped to get the dresser completely stripped Saturday but, of course, that did not happen. It was an ambitious thought to begin with, and I knew B was having people over so I would probably have a lot of Baby Girl wrangling. Which is exactly what happened. This was most of my Saturday.

I put a coat of stripper on most of it Friday night and I did get that taken off Saturday morning, so there was a tiny bit of progress. The Citristrip is not really touching the original finish. Scrubbing it with steel wool and mineral spirits is doing something, but it's far from down to bare wood. Here the dresser is now.

The color on these is a little misleading. It looks like a nice honey tone, but in reality it's a dull brown, and not just because I've been scrubbing off the shiny part. And you can see that the original finish is still basically intact. I could probably put on another few coats of Citristrip and get it a little better, but that sounds like a waste to me. I'll stick with scrubbing it with 4-0 steel wool and mineral spirits, then stain and either wax or poly it. Poly will be tricky because when I primed it I found cat prints on it, and when I stripped it I found cat prints in the stripper on the top. Under the plastic wrap, of course. I'm glad I put that on, and I hope the cats are, too.

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