Friday, May 17, 2013

Skinny baby

Baby Girl went for her fifteen month checkup a few days ago. The appointment went well, we talked about her lack of walking (verdict: she'll do it sooner or later), her speech, etc etc. Then when I got home I was looking over her papers and noticed that her weight was 18 lbs 4 oz, which is the fourth percentile. Our pediatrician gives you a few pages about what to expect at this age, usually with the height and weight and percentiles written on the front, but the paper had changed format and this time her numbers were on the back, where neither the doctor nor I saw them. I save all of these sheets and I know her twelve month is around here somewhere, but so are a billion other papers. Even though I couldn't find it, I know she wasn't in the fourth percentile then. The one I could find, which was her four month, had her in the 68th percentile for weight. I called and found out that her twelve month weight was 19 lbs 6 oz, which means she's lost 1 lb 2 oz in three months.

No wonder she still fits into this twelve month romper.

So now she has to go back in four weeks to be weighed and I am on a mission to fatten her up. Bring on the butter!

Here she is eating bacon for dinner. Except not really; she chewed it up, got all the delicious bacon flavor, then spit it out. She does that a lot lately and I'm sure it's not helping her pack on the ounces. Lately even getting a quarter of a sandwich in her can be tricky, and that's assuming she doesn't throw a bunch of it on the floor or down around her legs in the high chair.

We'll be trying this tomorrow.

It's pudding made from avocados. Obviously it would be easy to get some weight on her if I just fed her macaroni and cheese and ice cream and chicken nuggets, but I'd rather she put it on from whole foods and good fats. So we won't just be slathering her meals in butter. Some of them will be slathered in coconut oil.

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