Monday, May 20, 2013


Meet Kojak.

Kojak is a girl with a boy's name. And yes, I'm constantly calling her "he" and "boy." I'm getting better. She's a four-month-old boxer/springer spaniel mix and other than that we really don't know much about her. The cats hate her, although Bill is warming to her much faster than Poppy.

She's named after the dog from The Stand, also known as Big Steve. We're doing lots of teaching her that we (including the children) are the ones in charge and she'll be taking a training class soon. Because there's nothing worse than a big dog that's disobedient and poorly trained.

She likes the kids and is handling them very well, especially Baby Girl (as you can see). That was something we really were watching out for since our last shelter dog hated the kids. I think since she's only four months old we've caught her before she developed too many bad habits. She's not housetrained, of course, and thinks that being alone is the worst thing ever. The only place for her kennel is in the back part of the basement, so she's learning to get over that fast.

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