Thursday, June 13, 2013

Entryway update

To refresh your memory, this is what the entryway looked like the last time I wrote about it.

I've wanted something different for the entryway for a long time. That red table takes up a lot of space and contributes to the claustrophobic feeling I get every time I walk through there. So when I saw a brass bench/table combo at the thrift store a few weeks ago, I snatched that puppy right up.

No, I haven't finished the floor yet. I need one more tile, I think, besides that one under my shoe. My staging for this shot is sub-par, I know.

Part of the reason it feels bigger is that the bench can be pushed into the corner, while I thought the red table looked weird in the corner and centered it. Obviously the mirror needs to come down now; see all that space? The mirror was always a little high because it's small and I'm tall. It actually should be replaced with something completely different. And bigger. I don't know what yet.

You can see there's almost two full feet for foot traffic now compared to a little more than a foot before.

I also found that cheese basket during the same shopping trip. It works great for corralling keys and sunglasses. And, after years of me nagging him, I saw B put his wallet in there so there doesn't have to be a Great Wallet Hunt every day. Progress! Speaking of progress, I think I'll go install my last entry tile. Maybe sand that wall patch, too.

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