Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day weekend

Happy belated Father's Day to everyone! There's a yearly Father's Day car show a few towns from where B grew up, so off we went. Normally, five hours in the car in one day is not my idea of a great time, but I like car shows too, so I was pretty excited to go.

So bright. Baby Girl was very good, despite being not at all willing to take a nap in the car even though she did just that almost every day during the school year.

Yaya wanted a picture with this giant tractor tire. This was from 1972, I think. Or 1976; I can't remember. The '70s.

With B and Grandpa.

You'll notice that there are no pictures with all of my children looking at the camera. I tried. I failed.

This tractor was massive. It had two of these tires on each side.

Some of the cars had accessories from their era. These had carhop trays, complete with fake vintage food.


Some of them had radios or drive-in speakers set up next to them. This one has what I assume was the box to hold the crank and other tools needed to start the car. It was from 1922. I love the wood wheel spokes and trim.

I think this is a golf cart. Or was, anyway. Wonder if the new paint job came with any updates to make it go faster.

I thought the letters were awesome. I assume they're not permanent. The car was beautiful, too.

They had a train caboose, which I actually think was a permanent part of the town square. Can you tell which of my children is a ham?

Baby Girl's first funnel cake. She enjoyed it, although she refused to take the pieces with lots of powdered sugar on them.

Despite Mr. Man's face here, he enjoyed the funnel cake, too.

He was meh about the car show; he wanted to sit in the cars or on the lawn chairs next to cars. But there was funnel cake, a train to play on and swings. I think he had a good time.

Hope you had a fun Father's Day, too!

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