Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gardening in the back yard

I still haven't finished all my transplanting, but it's too late now to do any more, so I'll have to take it up again in the fall. There's lots of other work to do, though. When I last posted about the backyard, my corner bed looked like this.

I took an hour over the weekend to clear all the grass and stuff out, plus I straightened the peony a little.

You can see where the two other peonies will go in the fall. I figure I might as well clear it all out now.

I talked about adding a hosta bed behind the garage, and I finally got that started.

Yes, they are spaced weirdly. I wanted to split a few of them again, but they weren't cooperating so I ended up with one in a weird spot. I might move it. I don't know. Unfortunately, I ran out of hostas, so I have half a hosta bed. I'm thinking I'll find a pallet and make a freestanding pallet herb garden like this one.

One of my columbine bloomed.

This (salvia, I think?) bloomed, too.

Add this to my transplant list. I've never liked where it is; it seems like it's in the middle of nowhere. You can see it in the very far left of the picture below, just outside of the bed. Why put it outside the bed? When we moved in it was in its own little spot bordered with landscape timbers.

Whatever's along the fence hasn't bloomed yet, but the coneflower and sedum still look good. Dandelion looks great, too.

Come on, peony. You're so close.

Looks like I have some pruning to do.

When someone lived next door, these weren't allowed to go crazy. Now it's vacant and someone comes over to mow the grass once a month or so, but no one bothers with the lilacs. B chopped a foot or so off the top last year, but they're probably at least ten feet tall now. There's been stuff going on over there lately--repairs, new siding, etc.--so maybe they're about to put it on the market and will do some yardwork. I don't mind plants big enough to make a screen between houses, but these are getting out of control.

My mock orange did not make it.

I'm not sure if I want to put my burning bush over here or not. I don't have anything else to plant with it, and I hate plants put out in the middle of nowhere with no connection to any other part of the landscape. I think I'm going to make this side all grass (or trimmed weeds, as the case may be), so I'll find a spot for the burning bush over by the sedum and coneflower on the opposite side of the yard.

I think this is the happiest I've been with the backyard in the three summers we've lived here so far. It seems like things are coming together, like I'm not going to have to come back next year and redo everything again. It's not my dream garden, but it's good anyway.

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