Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gardening in the front yard

I posted a long time ago about the back yard, but I haven't gotten to the front yard until now. There wasn't a whole lot to do. Mostly weeding.

I thought my hostas were dead, but they came back. Yay! I also planted a few Dusty Miller I've had sitting around for way too long. I see our lawn desperately needs to be seeded.

You can see here, though, that there's a significant size difference between the hostas closest to the driveway and the ones at the far end of the bed. Guess I need some Miracle-Gro down here.

I started working on moving the pavers next to the driveway. This is how it used to look.

I've never been thrilled with this area. So I decided to move the pavers over to function more like a sidewalk that's a continuation of the driveway. I've only gotten started; the pavers are kind of finicky to set.

The first pictures are from a few weeks ago. The daylilies were transplants, too, but shockingly they're blooming now. There are a ton of buds on them, although only a few have opened so far.

It's been really hot this week, too, so I haven't been able to do much outside. But I'm hoping to get this done before July. Fingers crossed.

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  1. My fingers are crossed big time. It is disgustingly hot here, too. Maybe if you go out real early in the morning, it would not be too bad? Good luck.