Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Nothing interesting to post today. The foundation people came out yesterday and it was as bad as I thought--almost $12,000. We, of course, do not have $12,000 sitting around, so that's on hold for now. If we end up not selling we'll have to deal with it eventually. I was telling B that, when thinking about our asking price, I didn't even consider the money we've spent on fix-ups so far. I would have done 90% of that work anyway. That's not to say I didn't resent the money spent on fixing things that should have been kept in working order by the previous owners so they could be kept in working order by us, but I understand that there's a certain amount of money that you have to spend on systems and non-visible items. When we had to spend $150 to fix the furnace this last winter I was just happy it was less than a whole furnace replacement. But $12,000 is a lot different than $150 and there's part of me that feels like I should get something to show for that, other than metal plates and their plastic covers on my basement walls. At the very least it's probably going to make us a lot less flexible in our asking price.

There has been absolutely no movement on the house. No calls, no showing, no interest. Real estate slows down a lot after July 4, but I've heard that it usually picks up a bit in August. Fingers crossed that that's true. We're in a bit of a gray area as far as how long to keep the house on the market since we have an accepted offer on another house. I don't really know what we'll do when winter gets here. I don't want to have the house sit on the market for months on end, but we can't take it off without losing the other house, either. I guess time will tell. I'm glad that we have no plans to do this again because I hate this type of waiting. Even if I make the wrong decision, I like to make a decision and get on with things. And yes, there have been many times that this approach has been bad, but at least something was happening. I hope something happens again soon.

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  1. Oh... times are indeed hard... We listed our apartment and eventually found a buyer after 2 years... Things are different in our cases, as I m from Romania, though!! Keep your spirits up and think positive!!
    Good times are bound to come!!