Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fancy trim

I love me some substantial trim. Six inch baseboards, crown, dentil molding. I love gingerbread, and I don't mean the dessert. Well, I do, but not in this context.

I've been planning to replace the trim here for a while. It's standard '60s trim, three inch baseboards etc etc. Bo-ring. I bought a sheet of 3/4" MDF and cut it into 5" x 8' strips. Then I let it sit in the garage for a few months, until we started really thinking about selling the house. Then I primed half of it and let it sit for a while longer. Then, this past weekend, I finally got started.

I had originally planned on a 3/4" thick 5" tall molding with a 1/2" thick 1" piece of trim added to the top edge. However, I decided to do away with the 1" piece (mostly) and just do the plain 5".

Here's what we started with.

And so far.

I hadn't planned on putting up the baseboards until they were all primed and painted, but I decided it was a lot more likely that would get done if they were actually in the house and on the walls.

I went with a little more detail around the doors, including a backband molding (that 1" strip) and a plinth block.

Basically I added those details just to tie everything together. I've never been happy with how the floors looked around the doors, so I added the plinth block to cover up those gaps. The plinth block isn't actually there yet; I'm waiting until all the main baseboards are up so I can cut them from scrap. The backband molding was to help make a smoother transition between the new baseboards and the old door molding.

I'm hoping to have this all done and primed by Friday, since I intend to spend Saturday (and probably Sunday) painting most of the trim on the main floor. The baseboards in the bedrooms just need a fresh coat of paint, the trim in the bathroom needs a combination of a fresh coat of paint and the full primer/paint combo, and then of course the living room and hall baseboards (and probably door moldings) will need at least two coats of paint. It will probably take forever, but I have faith that it will look great. I'll also be adding shoe molding, at least in the living room and hall.

Have a happy Fourth of July! Be careful around those fireworks.

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