Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Finishing laminate edges under a railing

I think close to half of the houses in my neighborhood are raised ranch/split entry, which means lots of people that get to deal with this.

I need a wider angle lens. Also, say hi to B.

Anyway, you wouldn't think it would be that difficult to finish this off. Then you realize you have to deal with the posts.

Now, for between the railings the laminate transition strips would have been fine. But I also needed something for the top of the stairs, and everything was just too high profile for that space. It was also a pain because I had to make a miter cut there. Not an issue with wood, much more of an annoyance with metal.

I filed the edges of that so they're pretty smooth, but I might put a bit of clear silicone caulk over the miter.

I went through a lot of ideas on the posts. Finally I struck on the idea of using a simple flat trim.

This is screen molding from Home Depot. I just used the miter box to make my cuts, and I'll paint it black (along with a fresh coat on the railing) and glue it in place. You could use nails, but since the pieces are so small and laminate is a floating floor I feel more comfortable with glue. I think once they're painted they'll basically fade away. They won't quite be invisible, but it'll be better than seeing the raw laminate edges.

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