Monday, July 8, 2013

Molding, molding, molding

I had hoped that this project would be done by now, but no such luck. It's coming along; the door moldings generally look like this.

Need to have B cut more pieces to finish off the tops. I can do it, but it's almost impossible to find the opportunity during the day, and if he's home from work I'd rather have him deal with it.

The baseboards are getting there, too.

I used a lot of Liquid Nails on this project. First, MDF is a pain to nail through, so I had to predrill holes. That's fine--and necessary--on long spans like I had in the living room, but the hallway is a bunch of short cuts. I think the longest length of board I've had so far was four feet. Second, the shoe molding I bought is PVC or foam or whatever it is. It's cheap and lightweight, and while you can nail through it into wood just fine, try to nail through it into MDF and it will break. So Liquid Nails was the perfect solution there, too. It certainly shaved some time off the project.

We had out-of-town guests this weekend so I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, which means there are fourteen things on my to do list tomorrow. Our friends are in town two more days and we have plans with them each evening so things will be a little rushed. I'm definitely in the "tons of mall projects" phase of my to do list, which is good. But time-consuming.

And why the rush? Because the plan to sell is back on and we've found a house we want to make an offer on. We can't buy another house until we sell our current one, though, so getting the to do list done and getting the house on the market is top priority right now. A good 85% of my projects are paint-related; the biggest one is putting laminate down in the tiny basement hallway (if six square feet can be considered a hallway) outside our bedroom door. I'm actually thinking I'll just go get some tile like we have in the entryway and save myself a good chunk of time. For $10 it'll be worth it.

I can't show you the house we have our eye(s) on yet, but here's a sneak preview.

Our real estate agent was a little bit horrified when I said I liked that wallpaper. What's not to love? It's even flocked.

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  1. OK, I don't know if you are kidding or not, but I like that wallpaper..flocked and all. Well this is the pressure/motivation that should work? I think I have learned from my own mistakes, next house is going to be ready to sell as soon as we move in...yeah, that probably won't happen but it sounds good. Good luck, I really like the difference the extra trim on the molding added.