Monday, July 15, 2013

Pretty vs. fast

I had big plans for the kitchen light fixture. A quick rundown: we had a hideous fluorescent fixture there, with circular bulbs. Here is an inexplicably crappy picture from last year where you can kind of see it, over there on the right.

We had no plans to mess with it, but the bulbs burned out and I didn't even want to consider spending $20 to replace bulbs on such an ugly fixture. I was OK with spending money to replace it, though. I found this DIY and wanted to give it a try. However, we only got this far.

After we installed it, however, I realized that the milk glass shade she was referring to was the small variety, and not the large one that would make sense for a main light fixture. I was still trying to figure out a solution when I came across this lantern at the thrift store.

Note that it is not hanging from the ceiling.

It was shiny brass and I sprayed it with ORB, but the paint was acting weird and not sticking the way I wanted. I took it off with acetone and I love the finished product. I think the original lacquer finish was toned down just enough, and the ORB bits still in the corners and crevices gives it a little bit of patina.

As with almost anything you cobble together or jerryrig, there were issues with this light. Actually, I think it was equal amounts our house, this light. We spent two hours Sunday morning trying to get things to connect right. After many deep breaths and ten counts, and after the forty-five-year-old drywall kept crumbling away, we decided to throw in the towel and install a ceiling fan we had on hand. Fifteen minutes later...

I'm happy with it. Pretty is nice, but sometimes pretty is also a pain in the rear. We've been saying for at least two years that we need to install a fan in the kitchen since it gets so hot; there's no vent on that side either. In the end, there's a working light fixture and I'm happy. I have enough things on my to do list without having to deal with yet another thing. I already got two broken windows added to the list this weekend; that's enough for me.

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