Friday, July 12, 2013

Unnecessary post

There is honestly no reason for me to update. Things look pretty much exactly the same around here. The trim is still just mostly done, although it's slightly more mostly done, if that makes sense. I plan to get it finished this weekend, including the three coats of paint the pieces that aren't painted will need.

The house we were looking at disappeared from the MLS yesterday. I've got my fingers crossed that it's just because they're pulling it off and putting it back on to make it show up as a new listing. I've got a call into my agent to see what's happening. If it's not coming back, there's not really anything I'm interested in at the moment. One of our big problems while house hunting has been that a) there's not a lot of inventory, and b) we want a four bedroom on a decent sized lot and those things are almost mutually exclusive. Most of the stuff here is three bedrooms. I'd settle for a three plus if the rest of the house was good enough, but we haven't come across anything like that so far. Our current lot is something like 7500 square feet (.17 acres) and I want at least that size. More would be better. But there are a lot of houses built on 3500-5000 square foot lots, or if they are on big lots most of the lot is a very steep hill covered with trees.

At this point it's pretty late in the summer selling season as far as getting sold and closed before school starts back up in late August, so I'd say we've got maybe two weeks for something good to come on the market before it's too late. I'll finish everything up--because I'm tired of everything not being finished up--but I'm pretty sure we'll just have to have things ready next May.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and only has to do fun things. Those are the best weekends.

Edit: The house is still on the market. No one can explain why it no longer shows up in search results or why the listing isn't available. All the better for me if no one else can find it, right?

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