Monday, August 19, 2013

A (kind of) wasted weekend

We had a garage sale this weekend. After months of gathering, pricing, organizing, planning, and all the other crap that goes along with having a garage sale, we made $49. So it is official: no more garage sales. Ever. I've never had good luck with them; two of the three I've had have pretty much been total failures. The only reason the first one did well was because we had it in a very visible parking lot. The second one was a six family sale and almost no one showed up. That may have been because it was on a side street that I don't think many people had heard of (even though I gave directions in the ad). This one was just a flop. We had tons of stuff that I thought was nice (I must have been mistaken), most of which ended up being donated to Goodwill. My mom bought all of our old baby stuff (except for the Bumbo, which was our biggest sale of the day) for my sister. The rest of it was just a few things here and there.

So that was Saturday gone. Sunday we ran errands and treated ourselves to lunch with our garage sale spoils. I took a basket of Baby Girl's cutest outgrown clothes to the kid consignment store, but I won't know how much I raked in until later today. Last time I sold to them I made $6, so I will probably be able to retire after they pay me.

We also bought Mr. Man's school supplies. I remembered to send a check for Yaya's supply box at the end of last year, and he was super annoyed with me for that today. Honestly I think the $40 I spent on the box was not that great a deal because I don't think I spent nearly that much today. Unless they're including headphones. I don't think they are, though.

I hope the week is more productive than the weekend has been. Did you do get anything finished this weekend?

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