Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to school!

Thursday! Yay! I love my kids, but they need to go back to school. Especially Mr. Man; he needs structure that I just cannot provide, no matter how much I try.

Supplies are dropped off. Clothes are purchased. Hair is cut. Now the countdown can begin.

Also, I'm going back to school, too! Online only for now; there are two classes that need to be taken on campus but I'll do those later. I'm going to get my bookkeeping certificate, which will take a little more than a year since I'm only doing two classes a term instead of three. I registered and immediately felt mommy guilt about going back to work and putting Baby Girl in daycare. Also, I knew daycare was expensive but jeez louise. $15,000 a year? And I know I'm lucky it's that cheap. I hope I can find a job that will cover that and still leave enough money to make going back to work worth it. That bridge is a year away, though, so we'll cross it then.

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