Friday, August 23, 2013

First day

It's official.

They're even riding the bus this year (so far--we had bus issues last year so that may change) and it makes my life so much easier.

Mr. Man is still not thrilled about school, but I'm hoping he gets used to it again. He did pretty well at the beginning of last year, had issues after Christmas break, and never really recovered after spring break. Yaya is like most kids about school: it's fun, but unless there's something special going on he thinks being at home with all his stuff is better.

As you can see I'm not big on first day of school outfits, although you know Baby Girl will be out there in something frilly when her time comes in a few years. What can I say, girls are more fun to dress than boys.

I'm thinking about going back to five day a week posts next week. We'll see how many things I find to say. I'll be delving into my sewing room again this weekend, so maybe I can come up with something good there. Maybe I'll actually sew something; that would be a nice change.

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