Friday, August 2, 2013

I miss Full House

Remember when Friday was a good TV night? Has there been anything good on Friday nights since they canceled Full House and Family Matters? Oh, and Step by Step. I know Perfect Strangers was in there too, but that wasn't so much my thing. I DVR Full House for my kids; I need to see what else they've got on TV Land. I think Yaya would love Urkel, but there's a very good chance I'll have to listen to "Did I do thaaat?" a lot if I ever let him watch the show.

So anyway. Nothing new except we're probably going to have to use our down payment money to buy B a car since his died an expensive death, which makes us selling the house look less possible. Not that it matters; still no interest. If I'd known that this was the house we'd be stuck in forever I would have picked a style I liked more. When we were looking at houses, it was between this one and a ranch style. The ranch had an attached garage and a better yard, but it wasn't fully fenced and we didn't want to deal with that. We should have dealt with it. Oh well.

Here's a random picture of Kojak. Good watch, Jopak.

Jopak is what Mr. Man called her at first because he couldn't always remember Kojak. I think we use the nickname more than her real name now. Anyway, "good watch" is what we're supposed to say to her when she's paying good attention to us. She's especially good at this when we have snacks. I wish she was this good at "come" and "stay." She's got "sit" in the bag, and "down," too, more or less, so we don't worry too much about those.

I plan to do minimal house stuff this weekend. Clean, fix the window Mr. Man broke, put down transition strips in the basement. Then I'm going to sew. I haven't sewn in so long. I'm tired of not doing my hobbies because I'm doing house crap or because my sewing room is full of junk. I need to make a dent in the fabric I bought for Baby Girl's stuff.

What are your plans for the weekend? Work or play?

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