Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Laundry room art

Here is our sad laundry room.

Seriously. That's the whole thing. At least I have a window, right? Someday, if we finish the basement, it might be slightly more beautiful. It will probably never be bigger, though, since it's right next to my sewing room and I'd rather have the space there.

I've wanted some art for in here for a while, but I could never find the right thing. Then, a few months ago B and I were in one of our favorite antique stores and I spotted this laundry bag.

I knew immediately I wanted it to hang in here. Luckily it was only $7. I had the poster frame for another project and put the bag in there so it wouldn't get lost, but I don't really like it for this. I'm thinking mounted on canvas would look better, although I won't rule out a giant shadowbox.

A close up of the initial; I assume this belongs to whomever made the laundry bag. It would have been awesome if it had been an M, but this is good enough.


I bet this was part of someone's hope chest. It's crazy to think how much time this must have taken, and to realize that they would have done that for sheets and towels and their own fancy underpants too.

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