Friday, August 30, 2013

Miniature architecture

Lately I've been working on one of my ever-expanding number of miniature projects, and I'm slowly seeing progress.

The fireplace shell is put together. I'd estimate so far it's taken me about four hours, but it's my first egg carton brick project, and my first from-scratch miniature project, so there's a learning curve.

In place.

I will definitely be putting a finished chimney breast instead of more brick.

I started on the stairs for the next room.

These are made of mat board. I did a double layer of mat board for the back, and I'm not really sure why. One would have been plenty. But whatever. I have lots of cutting to do, as you can see. Here's a few treads and risers just set in place.

The whole thing so far.

Kitty in front of the fireplace. Awwwww.

I had all the walls cut, but two of them have disappeared so I'll have to redo them. The foam core interior wall that's there right now was only meant to be a mock up, but I might keep it and use foam core for the other two interior walls.


  1. Interesting!! You have a lot of patience!


  2. This is something that would keep from doing anything else. I love how detailed you are getting this.