Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Semifinishing the basement

I actually did intend to post yesterday, but when I started to write my computer was running really slow, so I decided to restart it. Then, like every time I restart it, Windows had some really super important updates it needed to install so I said forget it and went to sleep. So I guess we'll stick to the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule for one more week.

Before Bill so rudely brought parasites into the house, we spent a little time cleaning last weekend. The basement usually receives what I call critical mass cleaning: you clean the room, and for a little while it stays clean, then a few things pile up, then a few more, and before you know it A&E and Matt Paxton are at the door and you've got cat skeletons in your layers of junk. Well, maybe it doesn't get that bad. But close. The point at which we can no longer walk into a room and/or find a flat surface is when we clean it. (Only in the basement, though. Clutter bugs me but I can deal with it when I don't have to look at it all day.)

This is roughly what we started out with.

That table is really great for projects. Really great. Keeping clean? Not so much.

This is what the floor looked like. We like to spray paint stuff.

As you can see, we bought some carpet. There was a really great deal on a remnant at Home Depot--$60 for a 12' x 12' piece of carpet. It was a good enough deal that I put up with the snotty employee in the carpet department who acted like we were going to steal it, or that the employees at the front of the store were stupid enough to believe the yardage (16.33) was the price.

We put it down and, while it doesn't quite cover the whole floor (time to do more remnant shopping) I think it's a vast improvement. So does Mr. Man; he was running around like a crazy person while we were laying it.

It's not perfect, but it's better. There are still some boxes to go through, but those need to go into long term storage and that area is kind of in limbo right now.

Is there such a thing as a semifinished basement? We need stud walls and a ceiling--and probably permanently installed flooring--for it to count as finished. So maybe with our paint and carpet remnant we're halfway there. We might even be able to let kids play down here during birthday parties now.


  1. It is actually a great place that only needs a little TLC!!Looks like you're on the right track!!
    P.S. Great table!!

  2. Oh do I have my stories about those HD people in carpet and kitchen. Lazy, snobby, useless, etc.....They never come from behind the desk...only pointing in some random direction. Glad you waited it out and came home a winner.